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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Useful System functions in Sql server

Following are the some of the most useful system functions which helps us to get useful information.
·         Command: sp_helpdb ‘database_name’

Example: EXEC sp_helpdb N'AdventureWorks2012';

Details: informs about a specified database.

·         Command: sp_helpindex ‘table_name’

Example: EXEC sp_helpindex N'tblEmployee';

Details: gives information about all the indexes created on defined table.
·         Command: sp_helpstats ‘table_name’

Example: EXEC sp_helpstats N'tblEmployee';

Details: gives information about columns and indexes on the specified table.
·         Command: sp_ helptext ‘table_name’

Example: EXEC sp_helptext N'sp_getAllEmployees';

Details: gives the definition of Stored Procedures, User defined Functions, User defined Rule, Trigger, view, Computed Column.
·         Command: sp_help  ‘Object_name’

Example: EXEC sp_help N'sp_getAllEmployees';

Details: gives information about database object, like in this case, for SP, it gets sp details and parameters information like name, type, length etc .